Healthy Stories

Healthy Stories. "Did you hear the story about the Health Department that..."
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Healthy Stories

Healthy Stories in English

Shoeshine Pastor
Sugarcoated Sin
The Rocking Chair on the Right
Crowning Achievement
Lights Out
Invisible Man
Marathon Man
Knocked Out
Case Closed
Free Yourself
Locks of Love
I Ask Thee
Sugar Rush
Yummy Treats
The White Chip
The Boiling Frog
Freeing the Prisoner
Swept Up
Breaking Into Medicine
Wasted Energy
The Road Less Traveled
Don't Get Your Hopes Up
A Beautiful Obsession
Blood Computers
Rash Decisions
Scary Instruments
Twenty-Six Minutes
Over and Over and Over Again
The Colors of My Rainbow
Meant to Be
Nine Months in Hell
Therapy Dog
From Where We Came
The Cure
The Test
Take a Friggin Picture
Welcome to Motherhood
Don't I recogize you?
Frequent Flyer
After the Stroke
Time to Read Some Healthy Stories 2011
The Dump
You are Beautiful
The Happiness Paradox
Flying Into the Sun
The Perfect Girl
Sitting Shiva
The Envelope
Gluteus Maximus
Nature's Lessons
The Fast Life
Grandma's Words
A Letter to Santa
A Time for Every Purpose
Candle in My Dark
The Drums of Ether
You Make a Difference
You Nailed It
The Note
The Call
Zombie Apocalypse
A Close Call
A Marvelous Career
The Rebirth of the Department of Health
Breaking Barriers
Come Together
A Rememberance
Slip Slidin' Away
Time to Read Some Healthy Stories
Healthy Stories Lead Newspaper Article
Mango Conference Ad in the Lead Newspaper
The Complete Diagnosis
Rest In Peace
The First Cut
The Plane Truth
Keeping it on Ice
Below the Knee
Never Again
Ode to a TB Nurse
Rivulet of Tears
Physician, Heal Thyself
Not a Big Deal
A Homeless Angel
Esperanza's Angel
Cold Turkey
OCD and the Grim Reaper
Ben's Story
The Choice
Hospice Volunteer
The Malingerer
Finding a Therapudic Massage
The Commandments
A Christian Response
Healthy Stories Reader Feedback
To a Loving Brightness
Let's Get Physical
F-F-F Four Eyes
Painful Decisions
A Recipe for Apples and Star Fruit Pie
The Last Goodbye
The Bully
Behave. Right Now!
The Devil Wears Lasers
The Elevator
Broken People Get Recycled
Over My Limit
"The Lead" Miami Beach Praises Healthy Stories
A Pool of Tears
The Warning
The Irony of Health
Fat Belly
Head Games
Sleep Deprivation
The Purple Baby
My Struggle
I Tell Myself I'm Happy
Beautiful at Eighteen
Persian Lemon Chicken
Down, But Never Out
Velvet Ribbons
Gun Smoke
The Storm
True Love Waits
The Placenta Mystery
The Eclectic Physician
Make a Fist
A Survivor's Love Story
The Band-Aid
Put Up Your Dukes
Bridge of Sighs
The Prostitute
My Habit
On The Wings of Angels
Bittersweet Memories
Make a U-Turn
As Tears Go By
The Sun
How About a Smoke
TB or not TB: that is the Question?
Terrorism 2002
The Bloodsucker
A Bag of Trouble
Ay Caramba Las Cucarachas
Take a Hike
The Greatest Gift
The Collector
Blessings Can Help
The Risk Taker
Injected by Fears
Empty Net
The Ritual
Hot For Teacher
Healthy Stories at the Book Fair
Ode to the Comice
Living in America
Rocking Pneumonia
For Those Who Care
The Handshake - El Darse Las Manos
Giving Something Back
Three Mitzvahs
Ouch! Bet that Hurt!
My Mother
The E-Card
The Alcoholic
People are Strange
The Thinker
The Fatal Jump
Now for the Rest of the Story
Safety Dance
The Stairs
The Rat Lady
The Con Man
Success Sweet Success
The Godfather
The Happiest Lot
Bodies Exhibit
The Best-Laid Plans
The Patch
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good
High Hopes
The Big Stick
A Blessing
Tears for Fears
Wash Your Hands
And me without a Pro
Filling the Big Man
Triplets on a Plane
You Led a Good Life
Bsame, bsame mucho
They Dont Want Us to Make It
The Joy of Caring
Frying Pan
Ploughs and Harrows
The "Dead" Letter Bin
Health Department Barbie
Angels in Disguise
America Walks
When Animals Attack
Goodbye Glasses
Weapons for Mass Destruction
Moving Mountains for Children
My Worst Crisis
The American Patient
Gifts from the Heart
The Whatever Virus
Kindness Inspires Kindness
Santa's Helper
Cowboy Caviar
The Six Letter
So You Want to Write a Healthy Story
Dan Richmond- Larger than Life
Another Feather In our Cap
Tasty Pate
Gimme Some Sugar
Rocky Raccoon
Cause These Are The Good Old Days
The Love Basket
Roses From Her Son
Empty Net
The Shepherd
Why Snakes
The Price of Closure
Oh Rats
Helpless Heart
The Accident

Healthy Stories in Spanish

Don't Get Your Hopes Up
Juegos Mentales
La Historia de Ben
El Barrigon
Una Piscina de Lagrimas
No Es Gran Problema
Vayamos a lo Fsico
ngeles en Camuflaje
La Prostituta
La E-Tarjeta
Puente de Suspiros
Las Escaleras (The Stairs)
Adios Anteojos (Goodbye Glasses)
El Coleccionista
Un Torrente de Lagrimas
No Te Hagas Ilusiones
El Paquete Devuelto
Los Proyectos Mejores Planeados
Lagrimas por Miedos
El Mapache Rocky
La Seora de Las Ratas
Habla Suave y Ten Mano Dura
Trillizos en el Avin
Baile de Seguridad
Berenjena de Silln
Las Personas son Extraas
Tu Tuviste Una Buena Vida_new.doc
El Estafador
El Coleccionista
El Medico Se Cura a Si Mismo
El Mejor Regalo
Historia de Amor de un Sobreviviente
Inyectada con Miedos
La Curita

Healthy Stories in Kreole

Drums of Ether
Don't Get Your Hopes Up
Gwo Vant
Yon pisin plen ak krye
An Nou Bay K Nou Mouvman Egzsis!
Jwt ak tt mwen
Se pa yon gwo zaf
Pou kenbe li nan glas
Istwa Ben
Moun tap krye paske yo te gen laperz nan
Twa marasa nan yon avyon
Souf Soulajman sou pon a
Kat elektronik la
Orevwa lint
Eskalye a
Zanj ki degize yo
Madam Rat La
Moun ki ap f koleksyon
Rs zosman m nan bwat pou resevwa kourye ke lapst pote
Danse ak prekotiyon
Ouch Mwen parye ke li fe mal
Pa Mete De Pye w Lan w Grenm Soulye Slman
Gason bakoulou ki ap blofe moun
Mwen se yon moun ke yo paka jwenn anyen
Tanbou It Yo
Gen moun ki dwl
Moun ki ap f koleksyon
Dokt geri tt ou ou menm
Pi gwo kado a
Istwa Lanmou de Yon Moun ki chape anba
Yo te bali yon piki Laperz
Pansman a
Moun ki ap f koleksyon
Krye Tankou Larivy
Abitid mwen a_My Habit
Pi bon plan ke yon moun kapab pare
Rocky Raccoon 11
sou zel zanj yo_On the Wings of Angels
Pale dousman epi mache ak yon bwa long epi

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The views and opinions expressed in Healthy Stories are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect the official policy , views, opinions or position of the Miami-Dade County Health Department or State of Florida Department of Health. The Miami-Dade County Health Department and its editors are not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the authors of Healthy Stories. Many of the stories are partially or totally fictional and any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

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