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Jonathan Dade

Originally I am a food scientist with a passion for healthy food, health in general, and in recent years I have built up an obsession around issues of health and well-being.

Why am i doing this?

Health, it sometimes seems like an unattainable goal to pursue in our busy lives, and on top of that you sometimes have to make quite an effort. Still, I think that the image around health that is being sketched by the media and people is an unrealistic picture of reality. We are all human beings and being healthy is not difficult, or unattainable at all.

After completing my bachelor’s degree, after years of scientific research, I decided to go into the online world to investigate health problems and to translate solutions into easily understandable step-by-step plans so you can see for yourself that solving health issues isn’t always hard or expensive!

Journey in the online world

In my journey through the online world, I want to help you understand and solve certain health issues that a lot of people have to deal with. I hope my product research, step-by-step plans, and the health guides in general will inspire and help you in solving issues you might be dealing with.

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